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 Allegro: The melodic warrior

An independent video game made with love in far away Chile, featuring sparkling pixelated graphics and a mysterious warrior made entirely of music.

 DEMO 1.0 for WINDOWS was released in November 23rd, 2016. It should be noted that this demo is not complete, as there is still a lot to finish.

Concerto: The sun that became a moon

Concerto is a colourful and noisy area in the universe where everything is made of music. Concerto's landspapes and inhabitants are a holographic projection of a big sun that lays alone (apparently!) in the middle of nowhere.

Hundreds of years ago, powerful evil creatures, annoyed by the loudness of Concerto, destroyed a part of the sun, causing damage to the complex ecosystem and immersing them in eternal darkness and proliferative silence.

Several centuries later: Allegro, a melodic warrior who served as a guardian of the sun, has spent a long time unconscious inside a musical box that lies in a mystic realm. Once freed, he does not seem to remember any of the events of the past as many of his memories (which were also a projection of the sun) where lost, yet he remembers his duty: to restore harmony and happiness to his precious musical world, Concerto.

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Allegro: The melodic warrior

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