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 Featured: VERSION 1.0 for WINDOWS
NiGHTS: Moonlight dreams

A non-profit independent NiGHTS fan video game made with love, featuring a wonderful dreamworld and our dreamy hero: NiGHTS.

 VERSION 1.0 for WINDOWS, download the game for free.

 Story time!
My favourite franchine:

"NiGHTS into Dreams..." is and will forever be my favorite video game. Released in 1996 (coincidentally, the same year I was born), NiGHTS into Dreams was a very revolutionary game for its time. Unfortunately, it didn't enjoy much fame. Although it is certainly considered a cult game by many!

For many years, I wanted to create a NiGHTS video game that would gather all the elements I love from the series, but I was busy with other personal projects. However, this didn't stop me from developing several prototypes to practice programming NiGHTS mechanics. We could say that the story of this fan game begins in the year 2007 when I first attempted to create a game for this lovely franchise. I continued for several years until finally, in 2023, I set the goal of releasing a mini-game featuring my favorite hero.

Despite how imperfect this fan game might be, I have been very happy developing it, this is a dream come true. I hope that this little work allows more people to get to know NiGHTS and that it encourages them to play by buying the original games developed by SEGA.

This game is dedicated to the developers of the original game and to the entire community of fans.

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NiGHTS: Moonlight dreams...

A fan-game made with love - 2023, by Marco Medina.

This game is not licensed by SEGA.

NiGHTS and all its related elements are property of SEGA / SONIC TEAM.